About Us
  The Genesis
  The T T Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation, “TTK Hospital? is a pioneer, voluntary organization dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs.
The TTK Hospital was born of Shanthi Ranganathan’s personal experience and determination. At the prime of youth, her husband, Ranganathan, fell a victim to alcoholism. This prompted a determined Shanthi to prepare herself for the purposeful task ahead ?establishing a mission born of compassion and personal grief. Her vision of giving a new life to thousands of individuals affected by addiction and rebuilding their broken families became a reality due to the generosity and support of the TTK group of companies.  
  The T T Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation, as it was named had its beginnings in 1980 as a day care center for treating alcoholics. In 1985, the therapeutic services were extended to drug dependent persons as well.
  Addiction management, however, is essentially a group programme. As patients began to arrive from different parts of India, Shanthi Ranganathan felt the need to change it to an in-patient programme, thus increasing the effectiveness of treatment. In 1987, the TTK Hospital was established, a 65 bed treatment and rehabilitation center offering a month-long residential programme. Its ambience is one of unconditional support and hope for the patients, its charm, an abundance of empathy and compassion.
  The Mission and the Vision
  Providing quality service with utmost dedication, commitment  
  Sharing skills, knowledge and expertise. thereby equipping professionals to spread the concept of care.  
  Creating awareness so that more and more people make sensible choices
and the number of new drug users comes down
  This positive social change to be felt at the  
      family level  
      peer level  
      community level  
Primary Treatment Programme for Patients and their Families
Alcoholism - A Treatable Disease
Information for patients who want to get admitted
Relapse Prevention Programme - 'Poorna'
After Care Centre
Camp Approach - From Hospital based Treatment to Community Supported Recovery
Vocational Rehabilitation Programme (TEJAS)
About Us - The Genesis
Contribution and Achievements over the last 30 Years
Collaboration with National & International Agencies
Key Resource Persons
Board of Trustees
For Industries - Introduction
For Industries - Services Provided by the TTK Hospital
UNESCO ?European Commission Project
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